OCSA Online Fellowship ‘FOCCIS’

Are you an Orthodox student studying away from home? OCSA’s Online Fellowship (also known as FOCCIS) is happy to have you join their Google Hangouts meeting every Friday! We meet up weekly to chill, pray, read God’s word and do life together. Joining us are students from the UK, the Caribbean, Egypt, Canada and more. Join our Facebook Group or contact us to get connected.

For newcomers, our first meeting of the new 2016-17 school year will be on Friday October 2nd, 2016 at 9 PM (UK) or 4 PM Eastern Timing.

Contact Information

President: Mary Sedarous: sedarous.mary@gmail.com

Vice President: Joseph Keliny: joekeliny@hotmail.com

Vice President: Bishoy El-Gallab: bishoyelgallab@gmail.com

Secretary: Caroline Gabriel: carolinegabriel15@gmail.com

Publicity Officer: Meritt Atalla: atallameritt@gmail.com

Spiritual leader: Fr. Karas Awad: frkaras@cccnet.ca

Meeting Hours (via Google Hangouts)

Fridays 9 PM BST (UK),

10 PM GMT +2 (Egypt),

4 PM EST (North America)